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Life Design Network

Life Design Network was created as a platform for helping people realize their personal potential. Our mission is to help our clients identify and achieve their goals in four areas: Health & Wellness, Financial Stability, Intellectual Growth, and Influence & Networking.

We believe the process starts with increasing your awareness and ends with personal accountability. We are in the business of teaching, coaching, and changing behaviors.

I started Life Design Network because I have personally experienced the struggles of maintaining a balanced life in this chaotic world. I have spent most of my adult life studying and practicing techniques for building a solid foundation, maintaining balance and mastering leadership & influence skills. Through this work I feel that I have chartered an effective path for obtaining positive results. I am passionate about helping others realize their personal potential and achieve their goals. My areas of expertise include personal financial management, goal setting, self reflection, balance, influence, and the art of lifelong learning.

- Realize Your Potential -

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Here are just a few of our very Satisfied Clients

  • Kristen - West Olive, MI

    "Greg's message really hit home for me....it was like he was talking to me personally. I know I can't get 'time' back, but it's not too late to balance and get on track."
  • Lindsey - Holland, MI

    "Greg hosted a Life Balance Talk for 50 of our Employees. The feedback was astounding. I heard over and over that it was meaningful, REAL, doable and motivating. Several of the employees have set up a discussion group to meet monthly and begin to put the principles that Greg outlined into action."
  • Debbie - Holland, MI

    "Greg, You presented to my work team earlier in the year. I wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your leadership and moved by your compassion, humility and professionalism. I believe there is much that can be learned at all levels from a strong leader such as yourself."
  • Melissa - Allendale, MI

    "Greg has a passion for helping others reach their full potential this was clear to me after our first meeting. The insight he provided both my husband and I left us with renewed energy to examine our lives by creating a plan that would allow us to achieve our future goals."
  • Carole - Holland, MI

    "Meeting with Greg helped me realize that I am the one getting in my way and that any success or failure in my life is my responsibility."
  • Jennifer - Zeeland, MI

    "I manage a human development program at my company, and have asked Greg to be our 'graduation' speaker on multiple occasions. Greg connects extremely well with the audience and has a simple, yet powerul message about development. I anticipate working with him even more in the future on some of our other human development programs."
  • Paula - Grand Rapids, MI

    "Greg's energy around guiding others to reach their full potential is amazing! He is a guest presenter in our global virtual classroom, and he has inspired those from all over the US and several International locations to acknowledge their gifts while building their future."
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We Specialize In

  • - Health & Wellness
  • - Financial Stability
  • - Intellectual Growth
  • - Influence & Networking

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Greg Buckwald

Phone: 616-886-0433

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